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Our Bicycle Stand is Hand-Crafted in the U.S.A.

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    Cyclists share a common problem...

    A Familiar Scene?

    No worries. Stand by Me has arrived!

    If you are an avid cyclist like the rest of us, you probably have more than one bike - likely several, stacked or leaning upon one another for support in a tangled and twisted heap.

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  • The best bicycle stand on the planet

    Bike Stand by Me

    You bike is your friend - support it!

    A simple solution to organize and protect your bicycles is now available. Stand by Me is an adjustable and universal bicycle stand which will support your bike in an upright position.

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Stand by Me - the bicycle stand you have been looking for!

If you are tired of picking your bikes up off the floor, then grab one of these ultra-cool bike stands and simplify your life. Stand by Me is now availble for direct purchase on our website.

About Bike Stand by Me

Necessity is the mother of invention...

A Little History

A few words about our company

Being a bicycle enthusiast, and having WAY too many bikes (just ask my wife) - I was experiencing frustration with having to find creative ways to support them against the wall, or each other, and moving one often caused a cascade effect.
I knew that there had to be a better way - hence the Stand by Me was born.

Watch Our Video

Jon demonstrates his revolutionary bicycle stand!

Our Product Showcase

Yes. We are proud of our bike stand.

  • Bicycle stand with painted nickel finish.
    Steel Bicycle Stand

    Available in a painted nickel finish.

  • Bicycle stand for mountain bikes.
    Mountain Bike Stand

    Slips into the bottom bracket.

  • Bicycle stand with polished aluminum finish.
    Aluminum Bicycle Stand

    This model has a polished finish.

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    Road Bikes

    Stand by Me keeps your road bike upright and scratch-free.

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    Hand-Crafted Quality

    Jon is seen here welding-up a prototype bicycle stand.

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    Adjustable Height

    Will accomodate nearly any bicycle.

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    Steel Bicycle Stand

    Shown with painted black finish (custom colors available).

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    Get Organized

    Whether you have one bicycle or several - Stand by Me will get you organized.

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    Raw Aluminum

    Stand by Me is available in a raw aluminum finish for that rugged look.

Stand by Me

Patent Pending - made in the USA!!

Bicycle Stand Details

Bicycle stand is available in steel or aluminum.

Stand by Me is a compact, portable, and removable bicycle stand designed to work with a hollow-style bicycle crank. Stand by Me is a hand-crafted work of art that simultaneously provides a stable, damage-free support for your beloved bike.

Stand by Me is a simple solution to storing your bicycle(s) without relying on any other support - it can be used anywhere: home, office, camping, or racing. Each stand is hand-crafted in the USA out of high-quality steel or lightweight aluminum.

Our Bike Stand Features

  • Hollow crank contact point
  • Contact point is dipped in a protective, rubberized coating
  • Adjustable length will fit various heights - from road bike to mountain bike
  • End caps provide added stability
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • And don't forget - it is a work of ART!! That WORKS!!
  • View or download the Specification Sheet.

Price Info

Steel construction is available in black or nickel color finish: $29.95

Aluminum construction is available in raw finish: $34.95

Aluminum is also available in polished finish: $39.95

Custom colors are available in steel only and are a Special Order item.

Shipping Info

$6.00 per unit
Please contact us for shipping quotes when ordering more than 2 bike stands or when shipping to a location outside the U.S. is required.

Please Select Finish
Stand By Me is not responsible for any damage or injury from the miss use of this product. Do not sit on the bike while it is being supported by the stand, its for the bike not you.

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